Certificate Course on News and Program Presentation

Certificate Course on News and Program Presentation



Television news presenters notify the public about breaking headlines and current news events. During live broadcasts, they introduce field and in-studio reporters who provide additional news information on specific stories. Anchors may also interview professionals who have opinions or facts relating to a story.

Working as a television news anchor allows a person to consistently be on camera and viewed by audiences. We are happy to aid the persons who are interested in this prestigious career. At SkillGlory, we are offering an online certificate course on this. It will be the most exciting course for learners as 3 of the reputed news presenters will conduct the course combined.

The course details are as follows.

Course Starting Date: August 14, 2020
No. of Classes: 12
Course Week: Every Friday and Saturday
Course Fee: 4000 Taka only.

After the successful completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

i. Increase their knowledge, efficiency, and expertise on News & program presentation.

ii. Improve their way of presentation

iii. Gain confidence in their respective fields

iv. Make their presentation artistic and attractive to the audience


Interactive lecture, Discussion, Sharing & Caring, Question and Answer


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  • Lectures 12
  • Quizzes 2
  • Duration 2h
  • Skill level Beginner


Contents of Training

There are many Television channels & Radio stations in Bangladesh to serve the nations to telecast the entertainment, educational programs, sports & news. At present, in our country, the quantities of Television channels are 37 & 14 Radio stations. Among Television channels, some of them are telecast all programs where telecast the news as a part Like My TV, ATN Bangla, Banglavison & some of them are basically news based channels like ATN News, DBC, Jamuna, Independent Television. Stations are increased day by day but not that much quality of resources for those broadcasting stations. But we need efficient & quality workers to move forward to deliver effective & potential works. In view of the above, we make a course of action.

Day: 1

Topic-01: Introduce Yourself

Topic -02: What is presentation & why? Values of News.

Topic-03: Qualifications & qualities of a presenter.

Day- 2

Topic- 04: Standard Pronunciation, Expression

Topic- 05: Articulation/Delivery & practice

Topic - 06: Basic knowledge of news presentation, Gesture, Attitude, Body language

Day- 3

Topic- 07: Variation/ Modulation of tones/voice in news presentation

Topic- 08: Art of vocal code & its implementation, pitch range.

Topic- 09: Terminologies of news

Day- 4

Topic- 10: Pronunciation exercise of selected words, districts, seasons, months, days & numbers up to 100

Topic- 11: Law of Journalism

Topic- 12: Meaning of Intro, PKG, OV, Sync, etc.

Topic- 13: It’s a teamwork

Day- 5

Topic- 14: Difference in between program & news presentation

Topic- 15: Art of news presentation & exercise

Topic- 16: Delivery of Speech & practice

Day- 6

Mid-course Exam

Day- 7

Topic- 17: Relationship technique with Media

Topic- 18: How to talk in front of the camera

Topic- 19: Source of News

Topic- 20: Tongue Twister

Day - 8

Topic-21: Briefly concern about editing.

Topic-22: Basic knowledge & up-to-date on current affairs

Topic- 23: Exercise on testing words

Day - 9

Topic-24: CV for news presentation

Topic-25: Interview technique

Topic-26: Photo session for news presentation

Day -10

Topic-27: Practice of news & program presentation by the participant.

Topic-28: Questions answer, course evaluation & closing ceremony.

Day -11

Topic-29: Ethics of Journalism

Topic-30: Honorarium for a news presenter

Topic-31: Visit TV or Radio Station (if applicable & possible)

Day- 12

Final Exam